Skin Slave

It had been a long boring day, it was only Monday and I still had the rest of the working week stretching out in front of me. I was thankful to be returning home to my flat. I was the sole person in the carriage of the Central line train and so there was nothing to distract me from my book. The train pulled into Liverpool Street station and the doors opened but I did not bother to look up. As the train moved off again over the top of my book I noticed a pair of 14 hole DM boots stopping right in front of me. Despite the rest of the carriage being empty they remained there, holding my attention. Their owner was obviously proud of the boots, they were polished to an almost mirror finish and there wasn't a mark on them. My gaze started to move slowly up the body in front of me. Skin tight jeans that did nothing to hide an impressive bulge at the crotch, a green bomber jacket and finally the face. A completely shaved head, piercing blue eyes which were staring straight at me. His face was expressionless, he just continued to stare.

This was my sort of man, my mouth went completely dry and my cock twitched in anticipation. I returned his gaze but he quickly won the battle, I could not maintain eye-contact. I looked away but his crotch was at my eye level and I was drawn to it. My eyes kept shifting between his crotch and his face, he continued to stare and his face took on a different expression. It wasn't really a smile, more of a half smile really, but it was a look which spoke volumes. This man knew what he wanted and knew he was going to get it from me, my opinions in the matter were irrelevant. At this point I should tell you a little more about myself; I am 30 years old, have my own hair shaved to a zero crop. I am just under 6ft tall and have a slim build with little in the way of muscles. My eyes are grey/blue and I am clean-shaven. However, my body is fairly hairy as I don't bother to shave my body hair, with the exception of my cock and balls. I am no magazine pinup but, even if I do say so myself, I am not unattractive.

That four minute journey between Liverpool Street and Bethnal Green had never felt longer but finally the train pulled into my station. I felt that I had to say something. "This is my stop." I muttered as I started to get up. He lifted his foot and pushed his boot into my crotch pressing me back down onto the seat. "Not tonight it isn't, scumbag" he replied, "You're just what I need, a skin slave boy." He ground the toe of his boot against my dick. It was an incredible turn on and coupled with the fear, and excitement, of what he might do, I was rapidly well on the way to an erection.

At the next station he grabbed my arm and pulled me off the train. Up out of the station and across the road into Mile End Park. He shoved me to the ground and I leant forward towards his crotch but he pushed my head away "Not yet, you fucker! I want my boots cleaned first". I bent over and starting licking at his boot. His other foot pressed down into the back of my neck pushing my face against the boot. "Harder, slave boy. I want to feel your tongue through my boot".

By now my dick was throbbing, aching to be released from the confines of my tight jeans. I continued licking his boots for a few minutes until he pulled me to my feet. He removed his jacket and T-shirt revealing a well-defined hairless chest with a silver ring in his right nipple. He raised his arm and looked me straight in the eye. "You know what to do." he said. I leant forward and inhaled the strong masculine sweaty smell of his armpit. My tongue darted out and started to slurp nosily, desperate to satisfy this horny man before me. I was in heaven, my cock was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. All the while he kept up a verbal commentary. "Yeah, my skin slave cleaning his master's pits. Lick them clean you shitbag". When I'd finished he ordered me to remove my jacket and taking hold of the material of my T-shirt he ripped it open revealing my hairy chest. He reached out and clamped down hard on both of my tits and yanked me towards him. He brought my face about six inches from his, smiled and spat a huge gob of saliva that hit my cheek just below my eye and started to run down my face. Releasing his grip on one nipple he slapped me, once, hard on the face. I gasped at the suddenness of it. "What are you going to do for me now, slave boy?" he asked.

I glanced down to his packet, looked at him and replied "Let me suck your cock, sir". He pushed me to my knees again and unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled out a 7 inch uncut prick with a prince albert through the end of it. He was hard and ready. Taking hold of the back of my neck he started to slap his dick across the side of my face. I thrust my tongue out, desperate to get a proper taste of him, but he wouldn't let me have what I wanted. "Let me here you beg for it." he said. I looked up at his face from my kneeling position, a pleading look in my eyes. "Please sir, please let me suck your dick." I begged. "Oh yeah," he said "Keep it up, show me how much you want it." As I continued mumbling various pleas to be allowed to take his cock in my mouth, he teased me by smearing his precum all over my face, moving his dick towards my mouth only to pull it away just before I could close my lips around it. My senses were in absolute turmoil, I had never felt such a desperate need to pleasure a man before nor such a need to get a cock in my mouth.

Finally, he said "Open wide" and with that he finally let me have what I wanted. He began to thrust in and out, first forcing his dick down my throat until my face pressed hard against his pubic hair, then pulling out again quickly until just the head remained. He was fast and furious, giving me few opportunities to take a breath. This was no blow job I was giving him, it was a face fuck. My mouth was just a convenient orifice for his cock to fill. He was not concerned about my pleasure just his own. I gagged a couple of times initially, but then my throat adjusted to accommodate the intrusion and I began to exert some suction on his dick, causing him to groan loudly. On his back stroke I would flick my tongue quickly over the head of his cock to get the sweet taste of his precum; on the forward stroke I would contract my throat muscles in attempt to hold him in place. I reached up with one hand and started tugging gently on his balls and with my other hand I pulled on his nipple ring. Soon I sensed his balls start to contract up towards his body and guessed he was about to cum. Suddenly he shouted "Get ready for it!" and pulled his dick right out of my mouth just as the first stream of cum burst from his dick hitting my face. I stuck out my tongue to catch the following four bursts. As his orgasm finished, I felt the cum erupting from my own cock, seeping slowly into my jeans. I was amazed, it was the first time that I had ever cum without even touching myself.

He regained his composure and pulled me to my feet. He noticed that I had cum. "You're one horny fucker." he said, kissing me. There was no gentleness even in this act, his kissing was rough and hard. "I guessed you right, you like it rough and dirty and I could use you again. Be here 10.30pm on Friday, I need a regular skin slave.". "Yes sir" I replied as he walked off. I zipped up my jacket to cover my ripped T-shirt, wiped the cum off of my face as best I could licking it off of my hands. There wasn't much I could do to hide the wet patch on my jeans, but I made it home without incident. My cock remained rock hard the whole time and once home I had to wank myself off again.


10:15pm Friday evening I was back in Mile End Park, waiting. There were still 15 minutes until the appointed time. In the four days since I had been dragged (willingly) from the tube train and used and abused by that horny skinhead, I must have wanked off about 20 times trying to relive every moment of what had been one of the horniest sex sessions I had ever had. I had been next to useless at work, everytime I tried to concentrate on something I found my mind filling with an image of him standing before me slapping that hard dick across my face. Of course, I wasn't certain that he would even turn up tonight, but I was hopeful. I repeatedly glanced at my watch as the minutes ticked slowly away, imagining what might be in store for me this time.

10.30pm exactly and there he was, coming towards me along the path. He had a big grin on his face. He stopped in front of me, looked me in the eye and said one word "Ready?". I nodded in reply. With that he produced a leather collar and put it around my neck. Next he attached one end of a chain to the collar and the other end to one of the belt loops on his jeans. He turned and walked off. The chain went taught and I stumbled forward, surprised. I steadied myself and started to follow him. He walked straight out of the park and crossed the road towards the tube station. There were lots of people around, particularly all the straight couples waiting to go into Benjys the local club. It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been Sunday, as that is the club's gay night. We were attracting a lot of attention. Nobody was saying anything but I could see the shocked looks on some faces, the smirks on others and I felt embarrassed. Then I heard a guy mutter "Fucking cocksuckers.". My skinhead stopped dead, turned and faced the guy, glaring. "That's right," he said "want to make something of it?". The guy looked horrified that he'd been answered back and turned away muttering "Sorry". With that my embarrassment disappeared and I felt immensely proud.

It didn't take us long to reach his house. He opened the door and pulled me inside. He led me upstairs and into a room, bare apart from a narrow table, about waist height and a chest of drawers in the corner. He detached the chain from my collar and barked "Strip!" I hesitated for a moment. Too long for his liking, he slapped me hard across the face "I said Strip!". I jumped into action, and quickly removed all my clothes. He went over to the chest of drawers and removed a jockstrap. He threw it to me and told me to put it on.

"Bend over the table" he said. I did as I was told and he grabbed my arm and using some rope he tied my arm to one leg of the table. He moved round the table tying my other arm and both of my legs in turn, so that I ended up spread-eagled. There was enough give in the rope for some movement, but not much. My head hung over one end of the table and my ass was very exposed at the other end.

He stood in front of me, still fully clothed. His dick was already rock hard in his jeans, I could see it throbbing for release. He slowly unbuttoned his fly and his 7 inch rock hard, pierced cock popped out. "Suck it." he whispered. I strained my head forward and wrapped my lips around the head of his dick. He thrust forward burying his whole cock in my mouth and holding the back of my head so that I couldn't move he urged "Go on, suck it, use your tongue.". I began to slide my tongue around his shaft and when he pulled out slightly I managed to push my tongue into the ring of his Prince Albert and tug on it gently. This seemed to really get him going as he groaned out loud. He pushed my head off his dick and offered his balls for attention. I avidly lapped at each ball in turn sucking each one into my mouth and rolling it around on my tongue.

"I've worked up a real sweat for you today, slave boy" he said. I licked my lips in anticipation, rembering his wonderfully sweaty armpits from the previous session. However, he turned his back on me and dropped his jeans. Bending over he backed his smooth arse towards my face. I inhaled the wonderful aroma of sweat, there was nothing dirty about the smell and my tongue flicked back and forth lapping it all up. He edged further back and I pushed my tongue right up into his hole and began to rim him. He used his hands to spread his arse cheeks wider and I stretched my tongue out further, desperate to get as far into him as I could. He was moaning with pleasure "Yeah, that feels good, tongue my arse, scumbag, go on tongue it deeper.". He had a wonderful arse for rimming, it really opened up under my attentions. I clamped my lips around his hole and sucked opening him up even more allowing my tongue to penetrate further.

After several minutes he moved round behind me and began running his hands over the cheeks of my arse. "Too cold." he said and with that he slapped his hand down hard across my left arse cheek. Without a pause he repeated the process on my right cheek. He started a steady rhythm of slapping alternate cheeks. There was nothing half hearted about it, he was really laying into me. I started to moan aloud. "Quiet, shitbag" he shouted. I clamped my teeth tightly together. My arse was warming up rapidly, my dick was rock hard and leaking precum into the pouch of the jockstrap. The force of his blows was making me thrust my arse forward as much as my restraints would allow, causing friction between my dick and the table top. I couldn't help myself, I cried out again, not in pain but with pleasure. "I told you to keep quiet." he shouted. He moved round in front of me and shoved a pair of white briefs into my mouth as a gag, adding "I've worn those to work for three days in a row." I could tell - the smell of sweat, piss and man sex was intense and I started sucking furiously trying to extract every bit of taste.

He continued spanking me, non-stop, for what seemed like for ever and when he finally stopped I could feel the intense heat. "Much better" he said, spreading my arse cheeks apart. He gobbed on my hole and roughly pushed in a finger. "Nice and tight ," he said " I'm going to enjoy fucking you". He worked another finger alongside the first, stretching my hole, preparing me for what was to come. Then he deliberately moved round in front of me where I could see him and proceeded to put on a condom "Just so you know." he said.

Moving back behind me, I felt the cold touch of lube as he spread it into my hole. He rubbed his dick up and down between my cheeks a few times and then positioned the head against my tight hole. He paused for a few moments and then with one hard thrust, he buried his cock into my arse. The pain was intense and I screamed into my makeshift gag. I hoped that he would pause to allow me to become accommodated to the intrusion but he was having none of it. Immediately he pulled back until he had almost completely withdrawn and thrust forward again. He started pounding in and out, his balls slapping against my arse, pushing me forward against the table. The pain quickly started to subside and inevitably turned into pleasure. I began to push my arse back as he thrust his dick forward wanting him deeper inside me. "Oh yeah," he cried "that's right, give me your arse. Squeeze that hole tight, make me cum, slaveboy". I was moaning into my gag and I contracted my arse muscles as tightly as I could around his pistoning cock. He kept up the frantic pace. My body became bathed in sweat, it was running off my forehead into my eyes, the saltiness stinging slightly. He started to slap my arse again. My dick was throbbing as though it was about to burst. I was close, I sensed he was too. Simultaneously, my cum exploded from my cock into the pouch of the jockstrap as he cried out "Jesus, here it comes" and I felt his cock pulsing as the cum burst out of his cock to collect in the end of the condom.

He collapsed on top of me and lay there exhausted. After a few minutes his breathing became steadier. He raised himself up and slipped his dick out of my arsehole, leaving me feeling empty. He untied me and rubbed the life back into my arms and legs. He slid the condom off of his dick and then removing the gag emptied the contents into my open mouth. I swallowed it all greedily and then he pushed his lips against mine and thrust his tongue down my throat. After attempting to clean the back of my throat with his tongue, he said "That was fucking brilliant. The best fuck I've had for ages. I hope you haven't made any plans for the weekend, cos I'm not finished with you yet. Are you interested, slaveboy?". I nodded and replied "You bet."

He took hold of my arm and led me into the next room which was his bedroom. He chucked a pillow on the floor at the bottom of the bed along with a sheet. "You can sleep there tonight." he said "Be ready for some more in the morning". I curled up on the floor feeling extremely content and rapidly fell asleep.


I was at that point of being half awake and still half asleep. I was conscious of something hot and wet splashing against my stomach. I opened my eyes and there he was standing over me, letting fly with a stream of piss which he was directing at my crotch. My dick was already "piss hard" but it throbbed to full attention. "Open wide" he said moving the stream up my body. I opened my mouth and the stream of piss hit the back of my throat. I let my mouth fill up and as it started to overflow onto my chin I gulped it down. It was strong and bitter tasting, well it was his first piss of the morning, but I continued to swallow as much as I could. Eventually, the flow died away to a trickle and he shook the last few drops off of the end of his dick.

"Get up here and suck my dick" he ordered. I didn't hesistate, I was instantly up on my knees diving for his cock, attempting to swallow it whole. He rapidly got hard and grabbed hold of my head as he thrust himself in and out for a few minutes whilst I did my best to enhance the sensations he was feeling by using my throat muscles and tongue to good effect. He pulled me to my feet and ran his hands across my chest and stomach which was still wet from the hosing down he had given me. He put his wet hands up to my lips and I eagerly lapped at the piss. "Dirty fucker," he said "Do you like drinking my piss?" I murmered my assent whilst continuing to suck on his fingers. "Oh yeah, you love it, you pig. Well there's always plenty of that available. Looks like I've found myself a portable toilet."

He shoved me back onto the floor on my back and produced a condom which he proceeded to roll down his hard cock. I continued to run my hands over my wet body and then slurp the piss into my mouth. He knelt down between my legs and lifted them up across his shoulders. He aimed his cock at my asshole and then with one rapid thrust he buried himself inside me. As I felt his cock force my ass open I yelled out in pain. He slapped me across the face "Quiet, shithead and take what's coming to you." I stiffled another cry as he started to piston his cock back and forth in my ass. He lowered his whole body down onto mine and I clamped my legs around his waist. He held his face inches away from mine and watched as the the look of pain on my face started to melt away to be replaced with a look of contentment.

I began to tighten the muscles in my ass onto his dick and he gasped out "Oh Christ yes, you bastard. Work that bitch hole on my dick. Keep it going, slave boy." He gobbed a huge wad onto my face and started to rub it in. I sucked his fingers into my mouth and began to deep throat them. He moved up a notch and started to ram his cock with even greater force into my hole. I'd never felt so deeply penetrated before, I was gasping with the intensity of the pleasure, which was centred on my asshole but was radiating through my whole body. My dick was leaking precum in a continuous stream, making my crotch nice and slippery.

I good feel my orgasm rapidly approaching. I barely had time to say "I'm gonna cum." before I started firing cum from the end of my dick. Each blast caused my asshole to clamp down even more tightly around his dick and this in turn pushed him over the edge. "Christ........I'm.....gonna....shoot...." he cried and I felt his own cock start to pulse inside me. Once his climax was over he collapsed on top of me and thrust his tongue into my mouth in a rough kiss. He pulled out of my ass, leaving me feeling very empty and the disappointment showed on my face. He pulled off the condom and up ended the contents into my mouth. "That was fucking excellent" he said. "Yes, Sir" I replied.

"Suck my dick clean" he said shoving his semi hard cock into my mouth. I started running my tongue across the shaft which tasted of rubber and then he suddenly released another hot stream of piss into my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could, but he was pissing too fast and I couldn't stop myself from gagging. This started me coughing and I spluttered a mouthful of piss out over my skin master. "You fucking useless pig" he shouted. "I wanted you to drink my piss, not wash me with it". He raised his hand and brought it down hard across my face. My face felt instantly on fire and tears welled up into my eyes. He continued to rain down slaps across my body; firstly across my chest and stomach, down the inside of my legs. I was twisting and turning, trying to escape the worst of the blows, but to no available. He continued to scream abuse at me, "You worthless shit. Can't even get a simple task right. Asshole, I should chuck you out onto the street and have nothing more to do with you".

He stood up and started to kick out at me. I was thankful he'd not got his boots on, but the pain was still intense as he laid into my stomach. Suddenly he stopped and aimed a final kick at my crotch. As it connected, I cried out and curled up into a ball to protect myself from further attack, but there was none forthcoming. Instead he finished off pissing and left me lying there. I could hear him moving around the room as I lay there. When I finally looked up, he was standing there fully dressed. "Don't you dare move asshole. I'm off out for about an hour". With that he gobbed on my face and left the room. I heard the front door slam shut and finally relaxed my body.

I was feeling bruised all over, but I noticed that my dick had gotten hard again. I couldn't believe it. Surely I couldn't have enjoyed being kicked around. My dick seemed to be telling me otherwise. I really wanted to wank myself off and relieve the tension by coming, but I resisted. I knew that my master would not approve. So, instead, I rolled around in the pool of cooling piss beneath me, getting myself nice and wet, and then settled down to await his return.


The pool of piss that I was laying in had gone completely cold, but my dick was still rock hard and pulsing. I was struggling with my determination not to wank myself off. I felt very restless and kept moving around trying to make myself more comfortable on the hard floor. I suppose about 25-30 minutes had passed when suddenly I heard a key in the front door downstairs. I stopped moving around and laid pefectly still, hoping that my skin master would come straight upstairs and allow me to get off.

I heard the door open and what sounded like at least two people coming into the house. Suddenly someone called "Paul, are you in? It's Dave and Steve." I didn't know what to do. I kept quiet, hoping that they wouldn't come upstairs and that they'd go as soon as they realised Paul wasn't here. But then I heard the thud of their feet on the stairs. "Paul, you here? We fancy going for an early beer up the West End. Wanna come?". "He's obviously not here Steve," said another voice "Why don't we just go on our own." "OK," said the first voice "but first I gotta take a piss." I was terrified of what they might do if they came into the bedroom and found me here. For all I knew these guys didn't even know Paul was into gay sex, so I could only imagine how they might react if they found a naked stranger in his bedroom lying in a pool of cold piss.

I heard the first set of feet pass the bedroom door. It was only ajar so unless they looked directly through the gap they would not spot me. The second guy started to pass by and then my heart skipped a beat when he stopped. Suddenly the door was pushed open and there was this tall skinhead staring at me lying on the floor. "What the fuck..." he started to say, "Hey Steve, come and look at this."

With that he walked into the bedroom towards me. He was about 6ft 4", wearing standard skinhead gear; jeans, 14 hole Docs and a Fred Perry. He had heavily muscled arms and the Fred Perry was stretched taught across his chest. He was displaying a healthy bulge in his crotch. Behind him another skinhead appeared. This one was much shorter, about the same height as me, 5ft10" same outfit but much skinnier than the first guy. However, I was immediately drawn to his piercing blue eyes. A broad grin appeared on his face as he saw me.

I was quite scared of what might happen, my cock had already started to deflate and was now only half hard. Realising that I was in an extremely vulnerable position I started to sit up. "Not so fast," said Dave as he raised his booted foot and pushed it into my crotch. "Lie back down!" he growled "and let us have a good look at you." I hesitated for a moment and he started to grind his boot into my balls. An intense pain shot through my body as my balls were crushed. I cried out and quickly laid back down onto the floor. The pressure eased off but the booted foot remained were it could quickly reapply the punishment if I started to struggle. "Well," said Steve "it looks as though Paul's got himself a new toy. Do you think he'd mind if we played with it for a while". "Nah," said Dave "Paul's always happy to share with us."

"Well, I still need that piss." said Steve. With that he unzipped his jeans and fished out a long thin cock with an overhanging foreskin which completely covered the head even though he was already half hard. He squatted down across my chest and shoved his dick towards my mouth. "Open wide, piss boy." he whispered "Time for a drink." His crotch smelt disgusting, like it hadn't been washed for a week. The smell of stale piss and sweat hit me and I wasn't sure I could bring myself to take his rancid cock into my mouth. He started to rub it across my lips. He slapped his hand across my face "I said Open wide, piss boy..... don't make me say it again." Suddenly Dave removed his boot from my crotch and reaching down he grabbed my balls in his hand and squeezed hard. I gasped at the intense pain and as soon as my mouth opened Steve shoved his cock inside. I felt myself gag but I had no time to get acustomed to it because he immediately let go with a stream of hot piss which hit the back of my throat. "You better not spill a drop." he warned. I started to gulp down the strong bitter tasting piss as quickly as I could. Each time I swallowed my mouth quickly refilled with piss, but I just about kept up with the flow. After pissing what seemed like gallons the flow finally subsided to a trickle and I found that I had grown accustomed to the sustained crushing sensation in my balls. I also realised that my cock was rock hard again.

"Very good, piss boy." said Steve, "You swallowed the lot. Now get that tongue under my foreskin and give it a good clean." My tongue eagerly darted to the tip of his foreskin and started to tunnel its way in. I lapped away and the lumps of cock cheese I found there, swallowing eagerly and savouring the taste. Steve's cock started to twitch and thicken as I worked under his foreskin and within half a minute he was rock hard. He started to thrust his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I contracted my throat muscles around the head of his dick as it penetrated my throat causing Steve to groan outloud. "Oh shit, that feels good. Keep it up piss boy".

I felt the pressure on my balls suddenly ease and I opened my eyes to see Dave had stood up and was starting to strip off. I kept up my work on Steve's cock whilst staring at Dave as he quickly revealed his well built, heavily muscled body. When he was finally naked, revealing what looked like an 9" semi erect cock, he gave himself a couple of quick strokes causing his cock to firm into full hardness. It wasn't just long but it was very thick too. He walked around and stood with his feet either side of my head. "My turn, Steve." he said pushing Steve back causing his cock to drop out of my mouth. My head automatically tilted forward and my tongue darted out in a desperate attempt to reclaim its lost prize, but Dave immediately started to squat down over my head, lowering his ass towards my face. "Lick me out." said Dave "I wanna feel your tongue deep inside me cleaning out my asshole."

I took a deep breath as the hairy ass approached my face, it smelt strongly of sweat with a faint undertone of shit. My tongue flicked out across the hairs of his asscrack and my hands moved to pull the cheeks of his ass apart revealing his tight asshole. My tongue probed the hole, tentatively at first, licking around the edges and then I thrust inside. His ass tasted slightly bitter at first as one or two small flecks of shit that were clinging around the edges of his hole entered my mouth. I swallowed them quickly and continue to probe his hole deeply. His ass started to open up under my attack and I clamped my lips around his asshole and started to suck his assjuices from him. I started to gently nibble and bite his asshole and my tongue penetrated deeper and deeper. My own cock was leaking masses of precum and I suddenly felt Steve grab my dick and squeeze it hard.

Dave lifted himself up and turned around presenting his cock for my attention. I went to work at his massive cock sucking it into my mouth. As it hit the back of my throat I gagged slightly and his advance was temporarily halted. "Take it you cunt!" he shouted and thrust hard, forcing his cock into my mouth and I felt his pubes brush against my lips. My throat felt stretched to the limit, but I quickly became accustomed to its huge size as he thrust himself back and forward in my mouth. After a few minutes of pounding into my throat he suddenly stood up and walked over and lay on the bed. I was unsure what to do. I looked at Steve who was fisting his own cock with one hand whilst he kept up fierce grip on my own cock. "Bring him over here, Steve" called Dave. Steve shot to his feet and pulled me up. I stumbled across the room to the bed. As I looked at Dave I saw him rolling a condom down his cock. Steve grinned and I blanched at the thought of this monster penetrating my asshole. Steve took a tube of lube from Dave and started to massage some into my hole. He started with one finger and quickly thrust a second and third into me. He kept stroking and massaging the lube deep inside me, causing me to relax my muscles and open up. I was thankful for the preparation. "Get up here and sit on my dick" growled Dave.

I got up onto the bed and squatted over Dave's erect dick. Steve positioned Dave's cock at my hole and I slowly started to lower myself. His cock started to penetrate me. I felt my ass stretching I sank onto that monster dick. I paused for a moment hoping to allow myself to become accustomed to the size. However, as soon as I stopped Dave thrust himself upwards burying his cock inside me. I screamed in agony, which merely caused Dave to laugh, pull himself half out and thrust up again. "Now ride my cock you bastard" he grunted. I started to hump myself up and down and slowly the pain eased a little. I felt my erection which had wilted with the initial pain slowly return. After a few minutes of pounding Dave reached up and pulled me down so that my face was inches from his. He started spouting a stream of filth, spitting the words at my face, telling me how tight my ass felt, how he was going to fuck my insides to shreds. As he continued with this abuse, I suddenly felt Steve lowering his weight onto my back. I couldn't believe that he was seriously considering what I thought he was considering, but he was. I felt his cock start to slide along my crack. "No, I can't possibly take two at once" I shouted. Dave slapped me across the face as he said "Shut up, cunt. No-one asked your opinion." I shut up but my body tensed up in fear. "This will hurt you much more if you don't relax." whispered Steve in my ear.

I felt Steve's cock pressing at the entrance to my ass and I desparately willed my body to relax. Slowly, almost imperceptibly I felt my asshole begin to yield to the pressure of Steve's attack and his cock started to inch inside me. I bit down on my tongue to stop myself from crying out but the tears welled up in my eyes and started to roll down my cheeks. Finally I felt Steve's balls slap against the my cheeks and I knew he was fully inside me. I let out a sigh, my ass was stretched to breaking point but amazingly my own cock was still rock hard and was twitching and throbbing so much I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. I was terrified of what this double intrusion would feel like after I climaxed. However, from the grunt and gasps coming from both Dave and Steve the intense tightness of my ass on their dicks as a result of their double fuck was bringing them both close too. Steve started to slowly thrust himself in and out of my ass whilst Dave laid pretty still, just slowly rocking his dick inside me. The sensations were incredible as I felt both these dicks sliding around inside me. Suddenly the intense feelings pushed me over the edge and I screamed out as as the cum exploded from my dick. This in turn, caused my asshole to clamp down so tightly on Dave and Steve's cocks that they came together and I could feel their cum pulsing from their dicks. They were groaned out loud and shouted incoherently, although I made out the occasional "christ", "fuck", "shit" etc.

Steve's whole weight collapsed on top of me and our combined weight collapsed on top of Dave. He shoved back and we toppled off of him. Their dicks slipped out of my ass and I felt incredibly empty. Dave shoved me back onto the floor as he pulled the condom from his dick. He chucked it at me. It landed on my face and I quickly upended it and let the contents slide into my mouth. "You fucking pig" he said a wide grin appearing on his face. I repeated the process when Steve removed his condom. Dave meanwhile stood over me and released a torrent of piss over my body. Directing the stream up and down my torso soaking me once again. I drank as much as I could whilst running my hands across my body massaging the hot stream into my skin.

As his stream finally subsided we heard the sound of the front door opening. Paul was back....

to be continued.

From: "gayskin"
Subject: Skinhead Slave
Date: 22 Feb 1997 11:49:36 GMT

U are SKINHEAD stompin' on Skintom's Skin Slave page!